Every now and then an organisation comes along that truly deserves the name AVANT-GARDE. CoD promotes challenging contemporary music, poesy and graphic objects through a range of accesible and non-teleological projects, incorporating live events, learning, distance learning, artist development, fox tossing, projective identification and digital platforms.

We embrace complexity and risk-taking, economically, and invite the audience to listen in several new and important ways. Every now and then, a t-shirt comes along that is only available for twenty-four hours. We take each day as it comes.

Our ambition is to reach as broad an "audience" as possible by providing opportunities to experience the enervating diversity of work in this area and different approaches to creating, producing and presenting it. Simply, we want more "people" to discover the joy and rewards of experience. Every now and then I FALL APART.

People approach contemporary superstructural accretions from many diverse vantages, sideways like a fucking CRAB, actively seeking out the new, by accident, or through other forms and genres, like black music, through negligence, through weakness, through their own deliberate fault. CoD encourages people to embark on such a sentimental journey, as well as helping guide those further down the shining path. We strive to challenge expectations along the way, fuck you, by combining our creative and development programme with rich, informative, and entertaining online content.

In summary then, Council of Drent is not so much a small, independent and insignificantly recondite CD-R label, which also does a nice line in pointy collage and modernised verse, as it is a kind of projected possibility of Being, occuping a unique position in between all these journeys; a gateway with infinite access-points, a set of signposts, and some stimulating refreshment on the way. Shirley, get me a Pepsi.

To the heralds of truth perpetual memory ; to the orthodox senate many years.

T.H.F. Drenching, People Journey Group representative, January 2011.