To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

"The Ludic Clamp"
(CoD007) April 2015
by David Birchall, THF Drenching & Phillip Marks.

Over four sessions, Birchall, Drenching and Marks sat in the Milk Room in Hotspur House, partly talking about AC/DC and Carcass, but mainly creating and jettisoning chunks of album at the speed of that massive drill that cut the channel tunnel, clumps of density and control on a wave of industrial coolant.

Just one such dislodged chunk from our last session stands before you, just over there, called "Model For Thread Stripping". It's not on the album, it's for PROMOTIONAL USE. Send it to your mother.

The selection on this album marks our closing position: stretched between freedom and necessity like an electric fence, at times packing in considerable density, at others thinning out to a star-chart of the lower bowel, a modified circular charleston across the killing floor in running spikes.

Album due out APRIL 2015,
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