To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

"Cup Penis Open Penis Cup"
(CoD003) September 2012
by THF Drenching

Drenching pulls out some exciting new WRITTEN DOWN COMPOSITIONAL IDEAS in his new album: "Sixty-Nine Fat-Stock Breviaries" draws some monastic conclusions from earlier formal ideas left under-developed (notably things like "Interpenetrating Damp", from back in the day when motherfuckers was all friendly). "A Hundred Stirrup-Spout Pots" pays tribute to the Moche potters in a 100 sexually-themed cells, a whole hot kilnful of scabrous gargoyles with bongos. And the opener, "Seven Kinder Dach Leider" orchestrates Farooq Bueler's hammer-bangings into a sequence of jump-cuts and textural frustrations.

Comes with a FREE double-sided schematic floorplan of compositional supplementary data, for the dubious benefit of scholars and fanatics.

I'll just BUY THE THING now:

Alternatively send a polite and adoring covering letter and a cheque made out to "Stuart Calton" to: Council of Drent Recordings, Flat Above Dalia Bakery, 767a Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3DL. £10.00 within the UK. £12.00 for the rest of the world. Ask about review copies.