To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

"Doomed Shop! (Part One)"
(CoD002) November 2011
by THF Drenching

"The July Monarchy was nothing other than..." (mp3)

"After the July Revolution, when the liberal banker Laffitte led his compère, the Duke of Orléans, in triumph to the Hôtel de Ville, he let fall the words: “From now on the bankers will rule”. Laffitte had betrayed the secret of the revolution."

THE FIRST INSTALLMENT of Drenching's preposterous Proletarian Collage-Oratorio is a setting of the first part of Marx's "The Class Struggles In France, 1848-1850".

Sort of like a really cheap kind of Marxist high school play composed by Elliott Carter and orchestrated by Queen and Roscoe Mitchell, "Doomed Shop!" plunges into a world where newly-nationalised banks accumulate private profit, the rule of the finance aristocracy is maintained at the direct cost of the poor, and liberal politicians denounce rioters and looters whilst propping up a pro-cuts government which is "nothing other than a joint stock company for the exploitation of France's national wealth". (Read the LIBRETTO)

DISCOVER the essential points of Lamartine's dispute with the barricade fighters, UNCOVER the true class nature of the Finance Aristocracy, APPREHEND the main object of the ruling faction’s speculation, and the chief source of its enrichment, and WINCE under the previously-unknown pressure of the unreified amateur aria.

Drenching's virtual chamber ensemble of recorders, Casios, Monotrons, violins, Sony TCM-400-DVs, ukuleles, electric guitars and massed tin whistles striate and plainchant through the score with ramshackle precision, whilst his wobbly tenor and trusty overdub-choir lays out the text.

Your own inchoate bathtime ditties have been TAKEN SERIOUSLY, lifted and orchestrated for electric noh theatre. A "soundtrack to the struggle" for sure, but, y'know, the OPPOSITE of jiggy.

I'll just BUY THE THING now:

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