To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

"Four Austerity Riddles"
(CoD005) July 2014
by THF Drenching

Drenching grabs a fat handful of OBSCURE BANKING DATA from the work f-drive, and spins it out into a four-part suite of GLEAMING MODERNIST AUSTERITY. I don't fuck about. Internal passwords, corporate banking IDs, auditors' references and email crash-reports are all laid out like choir practice in a jewellery shop, stripped down to the skeleton, then re-fleshed in plasticised serum.

I don't know why you're making such a big issue out of it. It's simply a matter of every letter, number and punctuation point having been allocated an INSTRUMENT, rough PITCH and DURATION. This makes a BIG SOUND MENU, and then all the piles of tedious and arcane financial data are funnelled into it to determine the basic SOUND EVENTS, and their sequence. Meanwhile, the rhythmic structures are improvised in real-time, slapped out on an armchair with chop-sticks.

The sounds are then superimposed, perfectly aligned with the improvised rhythmic grid. Then the grid is removed, like you was whipping the coloured acetate off, leaving nothing but the pristene transparencies of album. Then you overlay sequences of chords and markers, constructed from the sound of me howling into a washing machine, slamming the cutlery drawer and dragging a plastic giraffe across a piece of wood I found in an alley.

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