Selected ideograms of cleavage
To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

My brothers and sisters in consumption: you want to see pieces of living nature on the hooks of your walls, just as Nero admired the torn bodies of people and animals from the zoological garden. Now you CAN! Wallow in comfort and food, paralysed by the delicious knowledge that you literally BOUGHT some ORIGINAL ARTWORKS. Count the windows of the marvellous elite, and help me pay my council tax at the same time, which is like £57.00 a month, even with the single-person discount, even when you spread it out over the full 12 months instead of doing it in like 10 payments.

HENCE, I say to all: reject love, reject aestheticism, reject the trunks of wisdom, for in the new culture your wisdom is laughable and insignificant. This, like every day, is BLACK FRIDAY: I have destroyed the ring of the horizon and escaped from the circle of things. My momma probably hear that and be mortified. Plastic complexes rotating on several pivots. Hovering above the dial of the world, I implore you: Buy them all NOW, before you catch up with them.

THF Drenching
Kultivierte Banause and Master-Collagist, Levenshulme, Manchester, February 2015

Selected Werk