To the heralds of truth perpetual memory; to the orthodox senate many years.

"Get Well Soon"
(CoD008) September 2016
by THF Drenching

The first ever real solid CD of some THF Drenching solo performances. I'm proud of this. I smile. I grin. I smile and proffer. I seek your indulgence. Firstly sketching out sped girders live in Sheffield, LIVE, at Mick Beck's house in Nether Edge, stringing bunting, a bunting of monochrome cellophane, along the stud wall reinstating its idiot virginity. For all the thanks I get.

And THEN. Sorry. And THEN, in Levenshulme, in the STUDIO, where all movement is one. In there, the thing dips into some unusual furrows, bells like nettles round a windbreak of skyblue netting. Crack in an egg. Get some rest. BUY BUY BUY.

I'll just BUY THE THING now:

Alternatively send a polite and adoring covering letter and a cheque made out to "Stuart Calton" to: Council of Drent Recordings, Flat Above Dalia Bakery, 767a Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3DL. £4.00 within the UK. £5.00 for the rest of the world. Ask about review copies.